Dear customers, dear employees, dear partners,

We are glad and are very grateful that we can announce together the 10-year-old jubilee of our company LIWETEC GmbH.

We can be proud of 10 years and it is unusual that a company exists so long and, nevertheless, our company has remained young. The fact that we have reached in this time so much and still exist with fresh ideas in the market, we owe to many people.

A business cannot survive without his customers. Therefore, our thanks go to you, our customers for your trust and your long-standing loyalty. They are our most important critics and advocates. We hope that we also fulfil in future your high expectations.

In addition, our thanks also go to our business partners and their successful contribution.

Personal thanks go in all present and also former employees and female employees for your engagement. They are part of our company. Our company stands and we with it!

On the occasion of our anniversary year, we would like to surprise our customers and prospective customers  with small gestures. Over the next few months, there will be various promotions and competitions. So check back with us, it’s always worthwhile!

We are always happy to assist you as a reliable contact aside and we look forward to many  new common projects, innovations and the next years with you.

Many Thanks!