TÜV NORD is now the first approved notified body (ZÜS) in the Elevator Portal of LIWETEC represented in the eZÜS module.

So far, the customer has only received the calculations and the relevant documents in PDF form from Elevator Portal, which the customer then submitted manually to a ZÜS.
Now the technical data and the results can also be generated in the standardized “XML format”.
This enables a digital document review. This means that the documents can be sent online to TÜV NORD.
With the documents and calculations you have already saved in the web-based Elevator Portal the acceptance tests for elevator systems can be commissioned digitally and online.
The other required technical documents for the conformity procedure can be sent as an attachment.
This process is unique in the elevator industry and offers a great advantage: The lift systems can be accepted by TÜV NORD without paper and without delay.
No additional work and no additional costs, as no new documents have to be created.
This simplification of the process was only possible through the cooperation between LIWETEC GmbH with its online elevator portal and TÜV NORD.
It is irrelevant where the planned elevator system is to be built.
The lift experts from TÜV NORD are active all over Germany and can approve and test systems.
And not only that: Orders from abroad can also be submitted to the testing company via the portal.
Another plus point: with the stored data, recurring tests can also be ordered online from TÜV NORD.

Contact person at TÜV NORD:
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Steffens  Tel .: +49 (0) 541/5823 – 316
email: tsteffens@tuev-nord.de