XML API  Extensible Markup Language

The order and calculation data can be digitally exported as machine-readable files. These can be automatically transferred to partners and their processes can be initiated paperless, without delays.

This system is already being established with the cooperation partner TÜV NORD. The license agreement between LIWETEC and TÜV NORD defines an interface to enable a digital exchange of preliminary test documents for the installation of elevator systems and to start the conformity assessment procedure.

The web-based Elevator Portal enables the customer to have his constructed elevator systems calculated and checked with regard to the safety-related framework conditions. Previously, the customer was only provided with the calculations and the relevant documents in PDF form, which
the customer then submitted to a Notified Body manually.

Now the technical data and the results can also be generated in the standardized “XML format” and sent to the Notified Body digitally by the customer. This enables a digital document review.The technical documents required for the conformity procedure are sent in PDF form. The conformity assessment procedure begins with the digital transmission of the data and the written order from the end customer. This means less bureaucracy and faster processing.