Order tests and approvals of elevator systems online from TÜV NORD

TÜV NORD is now the first approved notified body (ZÜS) in the Elevator Portal of LIWETEC represented in the eZÜS module. So far, the customer has only received the calculations and the relevant documents in PDF form from Elevator Portal, which the customer then submitted manually to a ZÜS. Now the technical data and the results can also be generated in the standardized "XML format". This enables a digital document review. This means that the documents can be sent online to TÜV NORD. With the documents and calculations you have already saved in the web-based Elevator [...]

7 Sep, 2021|


ELEVATOR CONFIGURATOR - the new online elevator configurator of LIWETEC - a forward-looking innovation for the elevator industry - results in improved planning security, transparency, simplification of pricing and preparing of offers. Here the link to the contribution in the international magazine lift report issue 03/2021: The elevator technology portfolio becomes more individual and provides in the course of general global changes and digitalization, faster and optimal solutions in all areas. Individual solutions imply new challenges for companies, from calculation to construction. Even for complex constellations, the employees have to know the combinations and compositions of [...]

16 Jun, 2021|

New interfaces for order submission XML API

XML API  Extensible Markup Language The order and calculation data can be digitally exported as machine-readable files. These can be automatically transferred to partners and their processes can be initiated paperless, without delays. This system is already being established with the cooperation partner TÜV NORD. The license agreement between LIWETEC and TÜV NORD defines an interface to enable a digital exchange of preliminary test documents for the installation of elevator systems and to start the conformity assessment procedure. The web-based Elevator Portal enables the customer to have his constructed elevator systems calculated and checked with regard [...]

12 May, 2021|

New interfaces for order submission REST API

REST API  Representational State Transfer With the REST interface, we offer a web service for application communication. Data can be transferred to the Elevator Portal from other programs. Calculations can be carried out and values ​​and systems can be validated with the known system. The REST interface not only receives values, but also sends all results of the validation back to the respective customer's program. This makes it possible to use validated calculation functions from the Elevator Portal in other tools and programs.

10 May, 2021|

Elevator Days in Heilbronn 2018

On 06. and 07. March 2018, the 35th Heilbronn elevator days took place with the theme "The lift - means of transport in transition". As in the past years, we were there with an own stand! We would like to thank everyone for the interesting discussions and pleasant hours and look forward to next year again!

13 Mar, 2018|

10 years LIWETEC GmbH

Dear customers, dear employees, dear partners, We are glad and are very grateful that we can announce together the 10-year-old jubilee of our company LIWETEC GmbH. We can be proud of 10 years and it is unusual that a company exists so long and, nevertheless, our company has remained young. The fact that we have reached in this time so much and still exist with fresh ideas in the market, we owe to many people. A business cannot survive without his customers. Therefore, our thanks go to you, our customers for your trust and your [...]

7 Feb, 2018|

New Module Bearing Durability

Calculation of the bearing durability  for rolling bearings of pulleys. The Bearing Durability tool calculates the life of roller bearings. This depends on the lift configuration and different run shares for certain loads. The elevator configuration calculates the axle load, the rope speed at the respective roller position and determines the bearing type as well as the roller diameter. The run shares must be entered directly in the tool. This reliably calculates the life of a bearing. This can then be checked with the permissible bearing durability. The tool can be called up directly via [...]

7 Feb, 2018|

Product Configurator – Electric Drive Units

Design of electric drives (gearless as well as worm gears) After entering the system data and entering rope data areas and groove geometry ranges, drives are checked for plausibility and displayed for selection. The permissible drives are checked on the basis of the radial load, the torque and the power. In the background, technical calculations such as rope safety, traction and surface pressure are performed. It is ensured that all drives that are displayed comply with the rules. Automatic printout of drive data, motor data (inverter), technical calculations such as rope safety, traction, surface pressure [...]

7 Feb, 2018|
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