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Individual web design

The first impression counts!

Your website is the fastest and most powerful impression you leave at your future customers. There is no second chance! We help you and offer modern web design, web development and services related to your online presence.

As unique your business is, as individual should be your website. The need for individuality determines our thoughts, actions and our creativity.

Our services at a glance

A successful website requires a solid concept. We plan your project in detail and tailored to your needs, test content, functions and layout in the most common browsers and coordinate the entire process from the idea to the completion.

Based on your content, we plan a logically structured website (sitemap) with its various sub-pages (templates). In order to ensure the best possible function and presentation, we always follow the “Mobile First” principle.

We manage a large number of content management systems. We specialize in the popular open-source system WordPress. Depending on the application, different CMSs are required. Just contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Visitors decide in a few seconds about favors and non-favors of a website. A good design fulfills the expectations of the target group and conveys the perfect first impression. Modern web design is a combination of content, technology, design and performance. We deliver everything from one source.

The increasing use of smartphones, tablets and noteboks means that your website is accessed via different devices. Web design for all (also mobile) devices should be st by default. We ensure that your websites work perfectly platform-independent.

Successful SEO begins with a sound strategy. We develop individual needs-oriented concepts for your success on the Internet. Our strategies include on-page / off-page optimization as well as efficient link building. Permanent success requires permanent control and re-adjustment. We also will take over the monitoring for you.

Additional internet sites increase your website presence and thus the probability of being found better. Social media appearances can be a useful addition. Together with you, we are developing a plan to become even more present on the web.

Online shops have become an integral part of the trade. Develop with us an online shop according to your requirements and wishes to offer your products and services on the Internet. We help you and lay the foundation for a successful online shop.

Driven by the principles of measurability and transparency, we regularly inform you about changes and developments on your website and its success in search engine ranking.

But why do you really need a website?

  • Digital Identity: Someone who is not to be found on the Internet, does not exist
  • Competitive pressure: Your competition is already online
  • Presentation Area: A website provides you a new way of presenting
  • Trade: The Internet provides you a massive online trading platform
  • Communication: The Internet provides enormous contact possibilities
  • New markets and target groups: You can create new target groups and markets with your own website