Design of electric drives (gearless as well as worm gears)

After entering the system data and entering rope data areas and groove geometry ranges, drives are checked for plausibility and displayed for selection. The permissible drives are checked on the basis of the radial load, the torque and the power. In the background, technical calculations such as rope safety, traction and surface pressure are performed.

It is ensured that all drives that are displayed comply with the rules.

Automatic printout of drive data, motor data (inverter), technical calculations such as rope safety, traction, surface pressure and stopping distance calculation (UCM).

The drive configurator uses an open database, which can be maintained via its own administration. Here drives, motor data, traction sheaves, inverters, ropes, brakes, etc. can be maintained.

The product configurator for electric drives (eDrive) can also be installed on its own subdomain (according to customer needs). Thus, the manufacturers can use and maintain their own database and release accounts for their customers.

Different languages ​​are selectable for the surface and for expression.

Orders can be saved and transferred to the general calculations (CompuLift) for further processing of the order.